April 23, 2020

Studio tour!

We founded Apoapsis Studios during the summer of 2017, just a few weeks before the launch of Airport CEO and since then we've over the years had our HQ at a few different places in Lund and Malmö, two very southern cities in Sweden. It started with a few months at home until we were able to get a spot at Minc in Malmö, a startup hub where we spent about a year in two different small offices. From there we eventually moved on to Game Habitat's newly started Dev Hub, a community-focused co-working and office building for game developers and, as of just a few weeks ago, our permanent home.

Moving takes a lot of time so for those who have been following us through the development of Airport CEO, hearing about these constant moves and how they impacted development sparked a request of at least seeing what it was that we were moving to. Well, here it finally is, the long-promised studio tour and a little peek into the room where Airport CEO is built.

We occupy a small room with a total of four work stations and a small lounge. At Apoapsis we see a strict correlation between the number of screens you utilize and the work you produce.
This is the lounge in which we have short meetings, eat lunch or think about code and design. The Marshall amplifier is in fact not an amplifier but a small fridge that is known to hold the occasional cold beverage.
From time to time, Alexander likes to take a break from various localization systems, UI havoc and general screaming at the computer by blowing off some steam and driving a few laps around Monza.
Aviation related development requires aviation related references.
Space and exploration are something we're very fond of. Once in a while when time allows we also enjoy the most literal type of team building.
This work station is the latest addition to the office and used by various consultants in order accelerate the development and quality of Airport CEO.
The plants are a key part of the office and a few individuals that are very dear to us. We try to treat them which as much water and sunlight as their photosynthesis process require and for them to live their best life.
At late evenings when you're held back by bugs, this light setting at least helps ease the pain...

We really feel at home here and can't imagine a better place in which to build Airport CEO and perhaps other future games. We're not very fond of working from home but like to think that creative products are built in creative spaces. That's about all the time we have for now, another build has just been deployed and its time to get back to game development.

Thank you for hanging out with us a bit and we hope you liked the tour! <3

// Apoapsis Studios

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