December 1, 2020

Airport CEO in beta

We're today extremely happy to announce that Airport CEO is now available in a beta state! After seven major content adding updates and nearly three years in early access, Airport CEO is now feature complete and that means that we’ve effectively left the alpha state of the game’s development behind and moved into a state of beta. At the time of writing this, we've released multiple beta versions on both the experimental and the default branch and before we go on a holiday leave, beta 5 will have been released on the default branch.

Seven major content additions adding large new features, massive improvements and loads of bug fixes over three years.

With seven major content additions over a very long period of time the base of of Airport CEO is somewhat sprawling, both in gameplay terms and in technical terms. The point of the beta period is to rectify that, to go through the entirety of the game as it stands, feature complete, and ensure that the game is fun to play, that everything is connected and works as expected and that it runs as well as it possibly can. Airport CEO is expected to release in a full 1.0 version late Q1 2021.

// Apoapsis Studios

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