June 4, 2020

Pink Programming Summer Camps '20

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the games industry, just like many other technology-oriented industries, needs serious efforts to battle its lack of diversity when it comes to those working in the industry. We at Apoapsis recognize our own responsibility in being part of the solution and we are therefore super happy to be able to take part in supporting Malmö-based Pink Programming's new digital summer camps and specifically this year’s JavaScript Camp!

Pink Programming is a volunteer driven organization with the goal to increase the number of female programmers. They want to create an inspiring environment, where girls and women who are interested in programming can have fun and feel at home while they learn to code or build on existing skills. They also want to highlight the female role models of today. Because of this, all of their teachers and inspirational speakers are women who work as developers themselves. Pink Programming turns to both experienced developers and total beginners.

This year's JavaScript camp is sponsored by Axis Communications and supported by us. Are you someone who is interested in programming, identify as a female or non-binary and have a little extra time on your hands this summer? If so then make sure to check out Pink's array of different summer camps and specifically the JavaScript Camp if you feel that learning JavaScript through game development sounds like fun!

If you haven't already, check out the JavaScript camp here or all camps here.

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