October 4, 2015

Whatever Rene Déscartes said

HELLO. As it turns out, Apoapsis Studios is now a thing and we're super glad to hereby announce our own e x i s t e n c e. We're a completely new game studio stemming from students which studied traditional IT and other fields having nothing to do with game development, but spent way too much time (or perhaps too little) in the back of the class room doing game code stuff not related at all to whatever they were studying. It is rumored that one Apoapsis member once said "how hard can it really be to make a game?" and as a result of that quote discovered first handedly how incredible difficult (and fun) it actually is.

On this website we'll try to post stuff that is related to what we do, how and when we do it, writing about the games we build and hopefully their eventual release. We might also write the occasional blog post about completely unrelated stuff or let you know that we want you to join us.

Thank you for taking your time checking us out,

// Apoapsis Studios

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